Scallops Rice Bowl with Garlic Butter & Soy Sauce – Hiroko’s Recipes

Scallops Rice Bowl with Garlic Butter & Soy Sauce – Hiroko's Recipes

I have cooked Scallops in different flavours, but my absolute favourite flavour for sure is ‘Garlic Butter and Soy Sauce’. This simple combination does a magic, and it is also very versatile. You can add extra ingredients to it, for example, you may wish to add Chilli. Makes 1 Serving…

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Eggplant ‘Tamago Toji’ Rice Bowl – Hiroko’s Recipes

Eggplant ‘Tamago Toji’ Rice Bowl – Hiroko's Recipes

There is a Japanese cooking method to bind the ingredients, that are cooked in the sauce or soup, with ‘Tamago’ (Eggs), and it is called ‘Tamago Toji’. This dish is cooked in this method. Meltingly soft Eggplant that is cooked in sweet soy sauce flavoured Dashi stock is absolutely delicious.…

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Curry Flavoured Pork & Eggplant Rice Bowl – Hiroko’s Recipes

Curry Flavoured Pork & Eggplant Rice Bowl – Hiroko's Recipes

When you stir-fry Eggplant with other ingredients, cooking time can be an issue. Today I cooked Eggplant with thinly sliced Pork. How would you cook these two ingredients together? My method is pre-cook Eggplant in the microwave. Once you have done it, this dish can be cooked very quickly. Makes…

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Tonkatsu Onigirazu (Rice Sandwich) – Hiroko’s Recipes

Tonkatsu Onigirazu (Rice Sandwich) – Hiroko's Recipes

When I have leftover Tonkatsu (Pork Cutlet), I usually make ‘Katsu Sando’ (Tonkatsu Sandwich) for lunch next day. Today I made this Rice Sandwich ‘Onigirazu’. Tonkastu Sauce can go well with Rice, but Miso Sauce is my choice. Makes 1 Serving Ingredients 1 serving Cooked Short Grain Rice1 sheet Nori1/2…

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