Theo’s Sponge (Custard Powder Sponge) – Hiroko’s Recipes

Theo’s Sponge (Custard Powder Sponge) – Hiroko's Recipes

This is one of my husband’s family recipes that I have recently discovered. The original name of this recipe was ‘Dad’s Sponge’, and the ‘Dad’ is Theo, my husband’s grandfather. The recipe was written by Joan, one of Theo’s daughters. I couldn’t resist to make this sponge that Theo loved.…

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Azuki & Walnut Stuffed Matcha Cookies – Hiroko’s Recipes

Azuki & Walnut Stuffed Matcha Cookies – Hiroko's Recipes

I saw Fruit Mince stuffed roll cookies on the internet. The picture inspired me to make these ‘Tsubu-an’ (Sweet Azuki Paste) & Walnuts stuffed cookies. I used my ‘Dates & Walnuts Stuffed Coffee Cookies’ recipe. I added Matcha Powder to the dough because Matcha and ‘Tsubu-an’ go very well together.…

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Stir-fried Somen (OR Capellini) with Beef, Spinach & Egg – Hiroko’s Recipes

Stir-fried Somen (OR Capellini) with Beef, Spinach & Egg – Hiroko's Recipes

Somen is the thinnest Japanese noodles. Sir-fried Somen is a quick and easy dish, and it is very popular. However, Somen can be difficult to find if you live outside Japan. For stir-fried Somen dishes, I have found Italian Pasta ‘Capellini’ (Angel Hair Pasta) is a great substitute and it…

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