Dining Diary – Oh Bhaiya!: Nishi-Kasai

Oh Bhaiya! is a new street food and sweets shop that opened in Nishi-Kasai in the spring of 2023. It offers a huge menu of tasty snacks and quick bites based on the “chaat” (finger-licking good) street delicacies of Delhi and India. The friendly South Indian owner is only too eager to help navigate the endless possibilities of the menu.

The restaurant is on the main covered arcade in Nishi-Kasai, opposite GU. You can’t miss its vivid exterior with neon signage, food photos, caricatures and colorful garlands. Inside, the vibrant orange and yellow room is dominated by the illuminated showcase of sweets and snacks.

The huge menu offers all your favorite vegetable-based snacks: vegetable samosas bulging with a tasty curry potato filling, chickpea curry and fried bread, and a wide choice of different South Indian-style Dosa crepes with a variety of fillings. All the snacks can be combined with chutneys or vegetable curries to create a proper “chaat.”

The vegetable biryani rice comes in a proper clay pot and it’s crammed with cauliflower, carrots and beans nestled in fluffy fragrant basmati rice. You know it’s good when you find whole spices, such as cardamom pods and star anise, in the rice. It’s served with the traditional plain Raita (yoghurt), as well as a crispy Papad and a sweet Mithai for dessert.

Don’t leave without trying the Dahi Batata Puri, a popular Delhi confection. Five little pastry shells are filled with green peas and creamy yoghurt, and topped with chutneys. The Aloo Tikki (potato fritter with chutneys) and Samosa Chole Chaat (samosa slathered in chickpea curry) are also highly recommended. Two or three of these snacks make for a really hearty meal!

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